Wednesday, March 10, 2010

final project proposal

For my final project I intend to model a portion of my studio project from this semester.  Currently, it does not involve anything that resembles a building, but my intention fr the rest of the semester is to develop a building that embodies the ideas I have been investigating so far.  

My proposal for the part of the project that is just now wrapping up is about inserting color into a neighborhood in Hamtramck as a means to create productivity in the empty spaces of the city.  This takes on many forms: infrastructure, barrier reassessment, wetland creation, and house painting.  

I want to translate these ideas from disparate non-specific urban proposals into a singular building.  Potentially working in concert with the urban interventions the project would be linked visually with a wider system.  
I intend to use Digital Project to investigate how surface treatments of color translate into material practices.  Specifically, I want to model surfaces that are graffiti-resistant, not through surface finishes, but through their geometry.  The first task will be to create a fence-like structure that is more dynamic. 

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