Tuesday, February 23, 2010

knowledge patterns

In an attempt to model Maya Lin's Wave Field as a series of instantiated parts that each contained a knowledge pattern, I encountered some resistance from Digital Project.


Attempts to control the high point of the surface in the design file resulted in oddities in the udf.

After multiple attempts to include additional parameters from the beginning of design failed miserably, I decided to take a different path.  


I created ten profiles to drive a multi-section solid.


 I was tempted to add parameters to drive the curves, but wanted to make sure that I could create a UDF from a solid (instead of a surface).


 And then the surface got some color:

The next step would be to find a way to edit the UDF such that the individual waves could be controlled by parameters or values in a spreadsheet.

Additional color studies: 

(p1.Color =   ToString(round(i*(200/sn)))+","+ToString(round(i*(500/cn)))+",500")

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