Monday, February 1, 2010

tutorial four_raspberry fields shingles

For the powercopies assignment, I modeled the shingles used in Jason Payne's Raspberry Fields House (  The bend of the shingles is determined by the weather and warpage of the wood, whereas in my model the bend is driven by parameters.  

I started, much like the tutorials, by creating a grid using the rectangular pattern tool.


Originally I created a pad for the shingle driven by a spline profile and a length parameter, but I got this error:

So instead I created the shingles as a sweep, since they are powercopy-able.
And then the power-copying began.
It took six tries to get the design table to export correctly since there were glitches in my naming system.



And additional permutations from making changes to the spreadsheet:


And with added color:

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