Tuesday, February 9, 2010

tutorial five_document templates

This is what I started the other day, but it didn't really look or function like the form I was attempting to model.
So, I modified the geometry.

Instead of being multi-section cuts, the two cylindrical pieces were modeled as multi-section solids.  Also, two additional planes were introduced so that the ends could extend beyond the block.

The planes and dimensions of the profiles are linked parametrically to rule parameters such that no parameters are controlled in the product file.  

 When the document template was instiating from document multiple times to fill the grid, the failures of the part parameters were revealed.  In some cases the shell command could not be undertaken because the faces intersected.  In more extreme cases, certain geometric combination led to the cylindrical pieces leading to cusps, and therefore could not be drawn.  

And after adjusting the coupling and closing points on some of the parts:
 And four variations from altering the framework sketches.  Some of the voids did not work with the altered framework.

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